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7/11/16: Sunny Days

July 11, 2016

The sun is shining and the boats are leaving the docks, it’s a beautiful day here on the North Shore of Oneida Lake. I’m hoping to get some more paddle board and kayak customers today. There is a kayak rental later today but nothing scheduled until then. Maybe someone will see the deals we have on Twitter or Instagram and decide to stop in since it is such a nice sunny day. Follow us on Instagram @AnglersBay and follow us on Twitter @OneidaLakeBoats we have some great deals and promotions you will only be able to find there! Hopefully this nice weather stays for a couple of weeks. Fishing on Oneida Lake is starting to turn around, the fish cleaning station is starting to get used for more than just washing hands. A nice couple stopped in the tackle shop earlier and told me that silver is the way to go today if you’re out fishing on Oneida Lake. Last minute boat rentals are always my favorite, they are so grateful when they hear we have an opening, most just want to bum around and fish a little on Oneida Lake. There was such a rush as 3 boat rentals came at once, it all went smooth and they are on their way to enjoy the beautiful Oneida Lake.

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