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5/23/17–Looks like a great day

May 22, 2017

Well after a couple rainy days we are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Give us a call to book a boat and get out on Oneida Lake to enjoy some great fishing or just to relax.

8/23/16: Last Day

August 23, 2016

Last day for Leslie’s Journal of this year. It is not a forever last, my journals are just over for the season. Today is my last day of working here at Anglers’ Bay for the summer, I will be back again next year so do not fret. Leslie’s Journal will[…]

8/22/16: Windy

August 22, 2016

Windy afternoon today at Anglers’ Bay. The sun is shinning but it will be quite windy later this afternoon. It will be a rough ride for boaters later this evening. A little adventure only adds some fun memories to the day. The sun is still out so make sure you[…]

8/21/16: Sad Day

August 21, 2016

Sad Day at Anglers’ Bay, grey clouds, rain, heavy wind. It is sad that we cannot enjoy beautiful Oneida Lake today. All of these factors add up to laying on the couch with some popcorn watching the Rio Olympics. USA is in the lead with 116 medals total. USA USA[…]

8/20/16: Hot Days

August 20, 2016

Another hot day at Anglers’ Bay! High of 88 degrees Fahrenheit, too hot to not be on the water. Today is a perfect day for paddle sports and boating. Available today there is a 6 person fishing boat which we recommend to smaller groups looking for a pontoon boat. Our[…]

8/19/16: Beautiful Day

August 19, 2016

Beautiful day on Oneida Lake. Foggy start this morning, the fog was a thick blanket covering Oneida Lake. Drive safe and make sure your lights are on! The fog is starting to lift as it is getting warmer. The sun is beginning to poke through the clouds. Boats are starting[…]

8/15/16: Summer

August 15, 2016

Summer is sadly starting to come to an end. College will be starting up soon and instead of water and boats it will be classes and studying. Summer of 2016 has been interesting, Team USA holding number 1 in the Rio Olympics! USA USA USA!!! Amazing athletes are breaking world[…]

8/14/16: Storms

August 14, 2016

Storms seem to be happening every morning and night. The day is so hot and muggy. Being out on Oneida Lake is nice, with the wind blowing in your hair. The night storms are pretty to watch and listen to. Sitting outside on the porch and just listening to the[…]

8/8/16: Busy Afternoon

August 8, 2016

Busy afternoon here at Anglers’ Bay! All of our 11:30 rentals showed up at the same time. It was a busy time getting everyone checked in and their tubes/disc-gos ready for action. With such a nice day they could not wait to get here and get on Oneida Lake. Sunny[…]

8/7/16: Pittsburgh Boyz

August 7, 2016

The Pittsburgh Boyz had to say goodbye this morning as it was the end of their stay here at Anglers’ Bay. This group kept our faculty-staff entertained from the minute they checked in to the minute they checked out. This group originally came up to Angles’ Bay to celebrate one[…]